Flat Fee Mortgage Program  


Our Flat Fee Program now offers “ALL” our qualified members purchasing or refinancing a 1-4 family owner-occupied properties in NJ or PA a saving of over $1,200.00 in mortgage related fees. The below fees are no cost to you!


Origination Fee:  $500.00                                         

Appraisal Fees: $ 375.00**

Credit Report: $ 33.00     

Flood Certification: $ 12.00

Tax Service: $ 85.00         

 IRS Tax Certification: $20.00                   

Mortgage Recording Fee: Approx $190.00     


 You will be responsible for the following costs and reserves:

·        Interim Interest

·        Funding of your escrow account with amounts varying in accordance with time of closing

·        Private Mortgage Insurance ( PMI) premium, if LTV over 80%

·        Title Insurance


Additional costs for Purchases:

·        Survey Costs

·        Realty Transfer Taxes

·        Deed Recording

·        Borrower Attorney fees

·        All settlement items between borrower/purchaser and seller for the purchase of the borrower’s home.


Once we receive a completed application you will be sent an Initial Disclosure Package which includes your Loan Estimate.


** Based on Single Family home appraisal




  • Flat Fee Refinance - $299.00
  • Flat Fee Purchase - $599.00